German EcoTec GmbH

Mr. Fill

  • Selfcompacting solar-powered waste bin, compaction minimum 1:5
  • Less collection frequency, less labour time and labour costs are reduced significantly
  • Inner Bin: 120 L/ 240 L MGB-Standard wheelie bin EN 840 / RAL Quality Marc made of 100 % virgin HDPE, accredited for DIN-Comb-Collection vehicle lifting systems
  • GPS Tracking, cloud based monitoring and operationg
  • Hopper can be locked and unlocked remote control via Internet
  • Handsfree function, also available without handle (only foot-Pedal)
    Closed system, no vermin, no smell, no spreaded waste.
  • GPS Tracking, cloud based monitoring and operating


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3m³ Mini-Max-Compactor


The 3m³ Mini-Max-Compactor is is unique and is used where space is limited or expensive.

With a compaction of up to 1:9, the Mini Press compresses a volume of 25 x 1100 L or 112 x 240 L standard containers. The space required for conventional waste containers can be reduced by 70-80%. At the same time, the logistics costs in the collection can be reduced.

The mini presses can be supplied with lift-tilt devices, access control, drainage outlet, level indicators or with a funnel for connection to refuse chutes.

The mini presses are closed systems: clean, no vermin and no odour nuisance.


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Eco-5m³ Underground Compactor


The Eco-5m³ is an underground compactor characterised by particularly strong, two-stage compaction:

Lightweight packaging 15:1
Paper/cardboard 6:1
Residual waste 10:1

The space required for conventional waste containers can thus be reduced by 90%. At the same time, logistics costs can be optimized by reducing collection intervals.

The underground compactors are almost "invisible" and vandal-proof. The environment becomes significantly cleaner, no open or overfilled waste containers, no vermin and less odour nuisance.

The Eco-5m³ underground compactors can be supplied with lift-tilt devices, access control, level indicators and different column designs.

Video Installation

Magnetic Handcarts


Magnetic handcart in three functional variants (MagnoJack Basic, MagnoJack Comfort and MagnoStack) enable safe handling and stacking of "white" goods in recycling yards. Heavy washing machines can be stacked up to 3-high in the container.



MagnoJack Versions
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